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BTCChina is a leading crypto exchanges platform established in Shanghai, China in June 2011. It has been operating for six years and is the longest running in the industry. You are about to see why this platform continues to be popular and you just might be its next trader.


How to start trading in BTCChina

Once you have an account in BTCChina, you can put money on your account and start trading. You are required to pay 0.38% if you make bank withdrawals. Right now, it only trades Bitcoin and Litecoin due to strict regulations. After an inspection by the People’s Bank of China earlier this year, this exchange started imposing a trading fee of 0.2%.

Trading also includes a minimum amount of 0.001 BTC and maximum of 500 BTC daily. You can also expect convenience here as it offers features that you can access on your mobile phones, such as the Mobi app and the JustPay app. Mobi app lets you see your wallet, while JustPay app allows you to send and receive bitcoins.

Another distinct feature of this exchange is the BTCC Mint coin, which is a physical representation of Bitcoin. Each coin has a hologram sticker with the bitcoins inside and a private key ensures that it is secured and safe.

You can also experience transparency in BTCChina, as it makes sure that it exposes the book that contains all the trading that occurs, thanks to Direct Market Access that does that. You can also make easy transactions as it accepts major credit cards, like PayPal.

What to expect in BTCChina

BTCChina has a website that is easy to access and is simple but informative. You can find in the website all the info that you need to know about this exchange. The website is also mobile phone-friendly and gives you all the latest in the market.

You can easily get support from any of its customer support representatives. You are sure that they will respond to you quickly and will be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with solutions, should you encounter any problems in their platform. These people are fluent in English, so language will not be a barrier for you to enjoy its services.

When it comes to safety, you can be sure that it offers the best safety measures to its traders. The Chinese government acknowledges this exchange, despite strict regulations in the country. You can expect a smooth trading experience at BTCChina since it provides you with convenience and accessibility. You are sure that your transactions are legal and your money is safe. With all these info about this platform, you can visit its website and see for yourself if this platform is the way to go.