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While you are having trouble choosing the best wallet or debit card for you, this company just might have what you are looking for. Xapo provides its clients with a software Bitcoin wallet, a storage vault, and a debit card. It was first introduced in 2014 by Wences Casares who was just looking for something to store his bitcoins in. Making sure that bitcoins are secured and reachable are some of the aims of this company.

How does Xapo work?

It can act as a checking account. As a user, you have to make sure that you keep track of your coins and transactions. With this, you can always take note of what is happening to your coins. This feature can also help you access your account regularly. Sending bitcoins is as easy as clicking the Send button with the amount you wish to deliver and the receiver’s address. Sending is as easy as receiving. You can immediately receive your Bitcoin, either from your friend or from Bitcoin mining, and place it to your wallet.

Xapo as a wallet, vault, and debit card

Xapo wallet is like a regular wallet but it lets you send, receive, and move bitcoins any time you wish to. It will just take you to open the software and you can start your transaction. Also transactions are free, making it cost efficient.

Meanwhile, Xapo vault has multiple layers of security to ensure the safety of your coins. It includes private key segmentation and multi-factor authentication. There are three continents that keep the vaults safe from physical theft. It also keeps the private key offline to avoid malwares and other viruses. Intense security measures are also needed to keep the server protected at all times. The aim of this vault is to keep the accounts away from the government.

Xapo debit card, on the other hand, works as one with your wallet. When you add coins to your wallet, you can immediately use it in your card. The debit card is also available at any local store or even online shops. You can also use this to withdraw your money at the nearest ATM or any crypto exchange.

What makes this unique is that it has the elements users need. It can be a wallet that helps you buy and sell bitcoins. At the same time, it can help in converting coins in a Bitcoin exchange faster as well as transact to other users and move your bitcoins to different software. It can also be a vault that will help you secure your bitcoins. Lastly, it can be a debit card that can help you buy at local stores and easily withdraw your cash.

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