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Software Bitcoin wallet is a type of wallet where you download a specific software to create and access your Bitcoin wallet. Electrum is a software wallet created in 2011 and is usually used by beginners. It is fast and convenient to use, making its users satisfied with its service.

How to get started with Electrum

Simply download, install, and run the Electrum form. It is important to check its website first to be able to download the latest version. After creating your wallet, you will have to complete your backup seed that has a sequence of 12 words. The last step would be creating your password. It is important that you will remember this along with your backup sequence.

With its simple interface, this wallet is user-friendly and is recommended for both first timers and advanced users.

Benefits of Electrum

Users, who were just rewarded with coins from Bitcoin mining or just converted their coins from a Bitcoin exchange or any Satoshi exchange, need to make sure that their wallet is safe at all times. That is why choosing an effective software wallet is important. A software wallet like Electrum offers a vast number of features to attract users.

This wallet provides you with a password to protect your account from thieves. It also has a backup seed to make sure that you can always get your account back. The blockchain is always up-to-date, so there is no need for you to download it every now and then. This wallet does not have any script and is an open source, meaning anyone can run it.

You will not have to worry if you want to export your private key because this wallet makes sure that there is no lock-in.This software wallet also allows multi-sig and third-party plug-ins. With this, you can use it on different computers because it can automatically sync.

Another feature is that the server will never know your private key. There is also no down time because it is a public server. Lastly, this software wallet is convenient in a way that you can easily access your wallet through software. You can use any device as long the application is there.

Moreover, no one can guarantee that your account will be free from malware or other viruses that is why it is a must that the software wallet you choose will have a tight security just like Electrum.

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