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If Mycelium is a well-known and old mobile Bitcoin wallet, Breadwallet is the first standalone iOS Bitcoin wallet.  This means that there is no server to hack that is why you should not be bothered if you damage or lose your device; your cryptocurrencies are safe in this wallet.

Breadwallet and its services

This mobile wallet directs you to the Bitcoin blockchain itself through the simple payment verification. This wallet is also hierarchical deterministic, meaning it can back up all the addresses and balances of its users.

According to Aaron Voisine, developer of Breadwallet, he chose iOS because it is popular for its strong security model and believes that with this, your wallet can be safe. It can protect you from security holes, malware, and physical theft.

This wallet does need any personal information if you want to sign up. Just simply download the app. You can send, receive, and transfer bitcoins instantly. It will be as easy as sending an email.  To reach more people, this mobile wallet made itself also available on Android.

How to get started with Breadwallet

If its features amazed you, then it is time to download the app. Installing the app on iTunes will only take you a few moments. The app will give you the option to recover your previous wallet or make a new one. You then create a recovery phrase where you need to make a password. Afterward, you will create a pin for the wallet and you are free to use it.

To start sending and receiving coins, your QR code is found in the app. You will be given an option whether to send or copy your address via SMS or email. Requesting an amount is also included in the options. Getting a mobile wallet will not cost you anything. You just need to have a phone and an internet connection.

Breadwallet for the future

This wallet has now launched cash for bitcoins. It has created a way where a user can see where a certain crypto exchange is located, be it a Litecoin exchange or Bitcoin exchange. This gives you a chance to easily convert, sell, and buy your coins. The app also provides you with the shops that accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

Users expect that Breadwallet will continue to improve more in the upcoming years. With the goal of giving you safe and convenient ways to join the global economy and free individuals from centralized banking controls, this wallet will go through excessive lengths to give their users what they deserve.

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