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You will find a mobile Bitcoin wallet that takes time to encrypt, function, or even back up. But with Airbitz, all of these are done in just of a blink of an eye.

The goal of this mobile wallet is to keep you at ease while using the app and make it as user-friendly as possible. It wants to reach a bigger demographic with its simplicity. The app is made to feel like a mobile bank with a beautiful design for you to enjoy using it. It also focuses on making its services, products, and software easy to use in order to give a unique experience.

With this, it becomes a perfect wallet for those who are new in using bitcoins. Apart from its amazing features, this wallet wants to educate people about Bitcoin through its app.

Useful features of Airbitz

Since the aim of this wallet is simplicity, setting up is easy with creating a username, PIN, and password. The wallet offers incredible features, such as paying via Bluetooth (BLE), editing transaction details, using multi-device synchronization, and protecting user information. It also provides transaction histories, payment requests through SMS or email, daily spending limits, and a built-in calculator.

With the goal of making your life easier, the wallet allows you to simply scan the bar code in order to log in to the blockchain. One of its known features is the ability to instantly back up and store your private key.

Starting with Airbitz

To start, go to your app store and search Airbitz. The app will ask you to create a username, a four-digit PIN, and a password in order to create a wallet. You can convert your cash or buy bitcoins through a Bitcoin exchange or any crypto exchange that this wallet can hold. When your wallet is ready, you can now send bitcoins to your friends. Sending coins is possible through Bluetooth or a photo from your phone as long as the app can scan the QR code.

On another note, receiving coins can be as simple as sending them because you have the option to scan the QR code. You can let your sender scan the code from your phone or send it via Bluetooth, SMS, or email. Managing funds can be fun as well since you can make folders, add names, and write notes. You can also create different wallets per transaction. The app also allows you to locate shops that accept crypto currencies and nearby ATMs so finding places to use your bitcoins will not be difficult anymore.

Now that you are aware of Airbitz’s features and is guided on how to make a wallet, you can now start using it for transacting coins, making payments, selling and buying coins, trading with users, or even engaging in Bitcoin mining.

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