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Developers have been doing their best to create the best hardware Bitcoin wallet to please their users and so far, one of the leading hardware wallets is KeepKey. This wallet can be used by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, and Dash users. It is an HD wallet that secures your coins with its pin code and number randomization features. It is also a device with software that lets you have full control over your transactions.

How to use KeepKey

The first step in using KeepKey is to connect it to your computer. You need to download the KeepKey client application then create an account. Then, you will need to set up your pin code followed by your 12-word recovery sentence. You have a one-time opportunity to write your recovery sentence to make sure that you will not forget it. Afterward, you can now use this wallet to sell and buy coins from a Bitcoin exchange.

It costs $99 but may change depending on the seller. It might be pricy but this is because this device has a metal body and digital screen. Online shops such as Amazon sell this hardware wallet.

What makes KeepKey different from other hardware wallets

This hardware wallet provides a high level of security which not only keeps you away from virtual and physical threats. You have the option to recover your wallet if it gets lost or damaged. The device offers a backup seed that allows you to get your account back. You do not have to worry about your device having a problem with viruses because this hardware wallet is virus and malware proof.

Another feature this wallet has is the large display that allows you to see your transactions. You also have to manually approve each transaction through its confirmation button. You can do exchanges, for example, an Ethereum exchange or Litecoin exchange through Shapeshift that is also available in the device.

KeepKey update

This wallet continues to improve to make users stay and attract more clients. It now has a real-time security notification that tells you if your account is in danger. There is also a feature that tells you if there are any new improvements about the device. An About Page is also added to inform you of the device, the company that created it, blogs and reviews regarding the device, and the social media accounts it handles.

Other updates will come out soon and thanks to this, you can enjoy and benefit more from using this hardware Bitcoin wallet.

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