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Affiliate Summit Europe 2018 Opens with Over 1,500 Delegates

More than 1,500 delegates from different countries will attend Affiliate Summit Europe 2018 on Feb. 6 at The Intercontinental London--The O2.

Over 1,500 delegates from more than 70 countries will attend Affiliate Summit Europe 2018 on Feb. 6. The relaunch of the event at Intercontinental London—The O2  after its 11-year hiatus has far exceeded expectations, giving event organizers more confidence that the event will set the bar high.

The two-day event will put the spotlight on new features like GDRP drop-in clinics, interactive roundtables, and even a networking app, among others. Organizers are positive these new additions will impress delegates from across the globe, and give them more ways to build their network and gain more knowledge.

Missy Ward, co-CEO of Affiliate Summit, said:

“After 11 years, Shawn Collins and I couldn’t be more excited to be producing another Affiliate Summit conference in London. With triple the attendance, and more than 70 countries represented, and all of the added resources that we’ve received being under the Clarion Events umbrella now, our attendees are in store for unparalleled networking, education, and inspiration.”

Experts from Leading Global Brands to Take the Stage

More than 40 speakers from top global brands like Virgin, Uber, and Adidas will present and engage in panel discussions to talk about the current industry trends, strategies, and issues.

Alex Hunter, former global head of online of Virgin, is among the speakers to grace the event. He will present the keynote address and talk about digital strategy, online placement, and customer experience.

Hunter said:

“There are a lot of people in the audience who will be experts on how to attract new customers and users to a site. But for me that is just where the conversation starts, because I’m obsessed with understanding how we KEEP those customers – get them coming back organically and frequently. That’s the challenge we all face, lowering that cost of acquisition, raising the customer life time value for every single one of our users.”

He will be joined by other industry experts and representatives of leading brands worldwide. Along with the talks, Affiliate Summit Europe 2018 will provide attendees with online tools that will help them set meeting with speakers and other delegates before, during, and after the summit.

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