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Revisiting the OG Bitcoin: Why HODLing BTC Ain’t Like Bagholding Other Altcoins

Yo, crypto enthusiasts! Dive in as we decode why Bitcoin remains the undefeated OG in the crypto world, even with countless altcoins knocking on its digital door.


Hey, crypto fam! So you’re diving into the crypto game and wondering, “Which coin should I moon with?” You’ve heard of Bitcoin (BTC, the OG crypto), but there are like a gazillion altcoins out there, right? Many wonder if Bitcoin will face the same fate as MySpace (remember them?) with a new, shiny Facebook-like altcoin taking its throne. Some are even asking, “Does Bitcoin still have that 10x potential or should I be looking at the next low-cap gem?” 

Here’s our hot take:

  • Bitcoin? Think digital gold, the go-to store of value in our meme-driven, digital age.
  • Bitcoin ain’t just another altcoin. It’s more secure, decentralized, and has solid tokenomics. Don’t even think of another altcoin “flipping” BTC without facing some serious trade-offs.
  • Bitcoin’s success doesn’t mean RIP for other cryptos. They’ve got their own use cases that Bitcoin doesn’t touch.
  • When you’re doing your own research (DYOR), view Bitcoin and altcoins through different moonshot glasses.
  • For those no-coiners just stepping into the crypto party, Bitcoin is a solid gateway.
  • Hold up! Use two mindsets when navigating the crypto space: one for the big daddy Bitcoin and another for those spicy altcoin bets.

A Quick Throwback

Flashback to January 2022: We chatted about why Bitcoin stands apart from the altcoin crowd. Fast forward to now, Bitcoin’s still king of the hill, while some alts are getting wrecked. For those who didn’t get the memo back then, we’re back to spill the tea on Bitcoin’s game and why it’s still the top dog.

Understanding the Bitcoin Double-Play

Alright, crypto newbies: Don’t get tripped up! There’s “Bitcoin” the blockchain and “bitcoin” the coin. Keep it straight: Big ‘B’ for the tech, little ‘b’ for the magic internet money. Bitcoin’s genius was making peer-to-peer e-cash legit. Now we’ve got the Bitcoin network, a decentralized party of computers, all jamming to the same Bitcoin beats. Remember, though: Bitcoin’s vibe doesn’t mesh with other blockchains, and you can’t just swap your BTC for another chain’s token.

Why Bitcoin is the OG Money

Money? It’s been everything from cowrie shells to those weird metal coins grandpa keeps. But why do some things go viral as money while others flop? It’s all about the features. Bitcoin? It’s like gold on steroids: scarce like gold but way easier to split, move, and store. And unlike that paper money that keeps printing, Bitcoin’s got a hard cap: only 21 million BTC, ever. That’s some solid tokenomics right there!

Why Bitcoin Might Just Moon Forever

Okay, so Bitcoin’s cool and all, but can other coins share the limelight? We’re not fortune-tellers, but we think Bitcoin’s got the edge, thanks to some wicked network effects. You’ve seen how one killer meme can dominate the internet, right? Monetary networks are kinda the same deal.


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