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Mina Morgan, Director at BII SUMMIT for

Meet Mr. Morgan, representing BII SUMMIT in Dubai - the most specialized Blockchain Investments event, one of the top Blockchain Events in the Middle East.


One of the top Blockchain and investment events – The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit, or BII SUMMIT for short, is coming up on 20th November 2019 in Dubai. What are you the most excited about and what can attendees expect differently this year?


One of the most exciting things about the Blockchain industry now is the level of advanced development that it has reached. Therefore, Blockchain startups have grown from fad ICOs and “Ideas” to actual industry leading and disrupting companies that boost the overall efficiency of world economies.

Attendees can expect to obtain firsthand experience of these advancements in the Blockchain Industry. In addition, attendees will be able to meet the industry leaders and experts who have pushed this industry to where it is now.


Taking a look back at the summit in 2018, did the prospects that you plan for yourself and the summit realized, and how did the media and community react to it?


2018 was an incredible year; we saw the highs and lows of the industry.

Moreover, as experienced event organizer, we knew that Bitcoin will recover from those lows and the interest from the general public and media will rise again. And therefore, we had the record-breaking registrations and attendance percentage in our company’s history of organizing events simply because we took that risk to explore a new industry and we stuck with it through thick and thin.

We are happy to say that we have a vibrant community of BII SUMMIT regular delegates and a broad range of media partners who we continue to work with to this day.


The government of Dubai has huge support for Blockchain investments, and it is undeniable a top hub for such practices. Why do you think the support is so strong?


This is an excellent question. The government of Dubai is truly one of the most forward-thinking governments that exist in the modern world. They have shown that in such a short period of time they were able to grow from a desert land to one of the largest financial hubs and trade cities in the world. Therefore, it only makes sense that when they see a promising advanced technological solution, such as Blockchain, they will be one of the early adopters and use the technology to their advantage in order to grow their economy.


BII SUMMIT is meant to create lasting business relationships between businesses and investors. Do you have any stories of success or feedback about interesting meetings during the event?


Absolutely. We have a Platinum Sponsor,, who were able to create long-term business relationships with two Blockchain companies that ended up successfully raising eight figure investments. And was able to help these two projects in all the major steps such as, raising the funds, managing the Bitcoin and Ethereum investment and helping with other technical and legal issues.


As an executive director can you tell us more about the process of picking out the speakers and how such a big event is organized to meet the expectations of everyone involved on a professional level?


We tend to have a few categories and requirements when picking speakers that we stick to religiously in order to provide maximum value to our audience.

Our priority is to pick speakers who are both influencers and industry experts in the Blockchain industry. In addition, we try to pick speakers who represent the most exciting, and successful Blockchain startups and the speakers of established Blockchain companies.

Attendees can view all our speakers for the upcoming BII SUMMIT on 20th November 2019.


For a wrap up, can you describe BII SUMMIT in three words? Shoot whatever comes to mind first.


Blockchain Investment & Innovation (literally).

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