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Crypto Tax Scoop: What’s Up with Uncle Sam’s New Move?

From centralized to decentralized platforms, the latest Treasury Department proposal seeks to redefine 'brokers' and introduce Form 1099-DA. Will this be a boon or bane for crypto enthusiasts? Time will tell...

Hold on to your digital hats, crypto fam! The Biden administration’s thrown a fresh set of tax reporting rules our way.

The 411 is pretty clear. If you’re in the crypto game – whether you’re an exchange, a payment processor, or any other kind of crypto broker – the U.S. Treasury’s got an eye on you. Their latest proposal? More reporting on users’ digital trades and transactions to our pals over at the IRS.

But why the sudden crypto spotlight? It’s all part of a grand plan to make sure everyone’s playing fair and square, especially those in the crypto playground who might be skipping the tax queue.

Enter, Form 1099-DA. It’s the shiny new tax form designed to simplify your crypto tax woes. Gone are the days of scratching your head over complex calculations to figure out gains. And guess what? This new rule doesn’t just keep tabs on your Bitcoins and ethers but even tracks the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). So, centralized or decentralized platform, digital wallet, or any other space where you store or trade – they’ve got you on their radar.

Origins of this move? Look no further than the mega $1 trillion 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. It’s got a slice in there focusing on ramping up tax reporting rules for the digital asset gang. A little birdie even hinted that these regulations could fatten up the treasury by nearly $28 billion over ten years. Timeline? Brokers, brace yourselves for these changes coming in 2025, affecting the 2026 tax season.

Treasury’s statement was simple: “We’re aiming to level the playing field, making sure everyone abides by the same rules.

The crypto street, however, is buzzing with mixed feelings. Kristin Smith, the head honcho at Blockchain Association, hinted at a thumbs up if everything’s executed well. Meanwhile, Miller Whitehouse-Levine from the DeFi Education Fund isn’t popping any champagne, calling the IRS’s proposal “confusing” and, frankly, a bit off-target.

Current scenario? The IRS wants to know all about your crypto activities, gains or no gains. Digital platforms haven’t been spilling those beans directly to the IRS, which might change soon. Some big names, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, are rallying behind the Treasury to get these rules running ASAP.

Have something to say? The Treasury and IRS are all ears till Oct. 30. And, if you’re into public showdowns, circle Nov. 7-8 on your calendars for some open hearings on the proposal.


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