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BitBoy Crypto Saga: A Rollercoaster of Drama, Memes, and Crypto Chaos!

We're about to navigate through the stormy seas of Ben Armstrong’s—former alias BitBoy Crypto—dramatic escapades! From his unexpected exit from BitBoy Crypto to the shocking arrest and everything in-between, we are presenting you with the gripping tale of disputes, memes, viral moments, and the repercussions it had in the crypto-verse! So, buckle up, and let's delve into the spicy deets of this riveting crypto drama!

If you’re looking for the latest tea in the world of digital coins, grab your popcorn because we’ve got a story for you. BitBoy Crypto, a.k.a Ben Armstrong, has found himself in a sea of memes, tweets, and legal turmoil, giving the crypto community enough drama to last a lifetime. Here’s the deets on the high-profile fallout, arrests, and, of course, those viral mugshots!


So, our main man Ben, or BitBoy as we know him, saw his empire crumble as he was kicked out of his own brainchild, BitBoy Crypto. Rumors say it was his wild lifestyle and the subsequent damage that led to his exit from his platform by the higher-ups at Hit Network.

Livestreamed Confrontation and Arrest

This spicy saga hit new peaks when Ben chose to livestream a confrontation with his ex-colleague, Carlos Diaz, over a disputed Lamborghini. The livestream had it all – drama, tension, and a real-time arrest. The crypto Twitter went wild, and Ben became the talk of the town, with crypto enthusiasts reacting with both laughs and facepalms.

Mugshot Madness

And then, the mugshot happened. Ben’s arrest photo took the internet by storm, becoming a viral sensation and the poster child of this crypto drama. It spurred a wave of reactions from concern to hilarity, putting the spotlight on the turbulent relationship between personal branding and professional conduct in the crypto realm.

Behind the Tweets

After a stint in the slammer, Ben hit X (formerly Twitter), shedding light on his ordeal and ongoing battles. He was candid about the adrenaline rush during the incident and cleared the air about not being on substances at the time. He even delved into the severe mental health struggles he was facing, alleging manipulations and pressure from his own uncle, TJ. Plus, as he’s trying to completely separate himself from the BitBoy brand, his X bio now states: “Don’t call me BitBoy anymore. My name is Ben Armstrong.”

Crypto Community’s Spicy Reactions

The crypto-verse was buzzing, tweeting, and memeing away as Ben’s saga unfolded. From sharp jabs to hilarious summaries, the community had a field day. A memorable tweet captured the essence:

Token Turmoil

The real-world drama sent ripples through the crypto space, dragging the value of Ben-backed BEN token down by over 20%. Unfortunately, as crypto is volatile AF, personal escapades can shake the market.

Legal and Financial Twists

Ben is now tangled in legal wires, rallying support from his fandom for his fight against Hit Network to reclaim his throne at BitBoy Crypto. Supporters chipped in, contributing a whopping $150,000+ in crypto to his legal war chest. He’s staying loud and proud on social media, keeping the interactions alive and the spirits high amid the legal maze. He opened a new YouTube channel under his own name which has around 50,000 subscribers already and is going strong.


There’s a lot to learn from The BitBoy Crypto saga. It is a gripping tale showcasing the collisions between personal vendettas and professional landscapes in our vibrant crypto world. Influencers can make or break trends and even markets with a single post, and personal feuds turn into public spectacles. The community is glued, waiting for the next chapter in this thrilling crypto drama. Will Ben reclaim his BitBoy crown? Does he even want to? Only time, and maybe Twitter, sorry, X, will tell.


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