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BetConstruct Debuts Multi-Wallet Solution

BetConstruct unveils its Multi-Wallet Solution, seamlessly integrating cryptocurrencies with iGaming to enhance gaming experience.

BetConstruct, a frontrunner in integrating crypto technology within the iGaming sector, has released its Multi-Wallet Solution, aiming to redefine industry standards.

Features of the Multi-Wallet Solution

This innovative Multi-Wallet Solution offers players the convenience of using funds from multiple wallets, whether in cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, without exchanging them on other platforms. Additionally, the solution provides simplified integration with popular crypto wallets like Metamask.

Benefits to Players and Operators

According to BetConstruct, the introduction of this solution represents a major step forward in elevating the gaming experience. Players can now seamlessly transition between various wallets, enhancing their gaming sessions. Operators also benefit from this heightened user experience, which could lead to increased player loyalty and engagement.

Pricing Adjustments

To reflect the added value and convenience brought by the Multi-Wallet Solution, BetConstruct has announced a 25% price adjustment. Despite this increase, the company emphasizes that this solution’s comprehensive suite of services, support, and functionalities justifies the price hike. Existing operators wishing to integrate this technology will be charged a token fee of 2023 FTN.

Expansion into Crypto Offerings

BetConstruct’s recent endeavors demonstrate its commitment to intertwining digital currencies and the iGaming ecosystem more tightly. Only last month, the company revealed its Custom Tokens, developed on the Bahamut platform, which harnesses smart contract technology to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

This platform also powers the new Custom Tote feature, enabling BetConstruct partners to produce their own tokens. In addition to creating tokens, BetConstruct aids in listing them on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. They also offer various technical support services, including liquidity management, market-making, and promotional activities.


With the launch of its Multi-Wallet Solution, BetConstruct continues its journey in bridging the gap between the crypto world and iGaming. As digital currencies become more prevalent in everyday transactions, these solutions will likely gain more traction in the industry.


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