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Pair Price Volume (24hr) Volume (%) Trades (24hr)
BTC/USD $60,958.31 $26,525,716.00 42% 7,882
USDT/USD $1.00 $22,936,034.85 36% 2,557
ETH/USD $4,270.35 $10,427,900.05 16% 4,928
LTC/USD $201.36 $675,354.45 1% 469
BTC/USDT $61,251.78 $553,317.92 1% 82
ETH/BTC $4,267.37 $432,091.63 1% 119
ETH/USDT $4,298.62 $380,568.69 1% 876
BTC/EUR $61,007.21 $330,598.08 1% 385
CUSD/USD $1.00 $214,590.12 0% 21
TRX/USD $0.10 $213,368.27 0% 46
DOGE/USD $0.26 $204,310.76 0% 92
USDC/USD $1.00 $141,014.35 0% 88
AVAX/USD $68.90 $124,655.50 0% 84
HBAR/USD $0.40 $56,738.52 0% 53
LINK/USD $33.61 $50,065.78 0% 25
EOS/USD $4.76 $47,994.99 0% 49
ALGO/USD $1.99 $30,065.51 0% 16
DAI/USD $1.00 $22,799.81 0% 4
MKR/USD $2,454.60 $18,964.50 0% 107
SNX/USD $10.56 $12,753.89 0% 166
ETH/EUR $4,235.25 $12,145.42 0% 288
CELO/USD $7.13 $4,330.91 0% 32
YFI/USD $38,953.00 $4,253.67 0% 1
YFII/USD $4,350.00 $4,113.36 0% 2
USDK/USDT $1.00 $730.49 0% 1
USDK/USD $1.00 $623.65 0% 4
ETH/SGD $3,883.44 $0.00 0% 0
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OKCoin is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world. The trading platform has a volume of over 16 million bitcoins per month. This is a significant amount of bitcoins considering that there is a threshold for the number of coins created.


The crypto exchanges company is based in Beijing, China, with a Hong Kong base currently in the works. The OKCoin team is committed to operating the largest Bitcoin exchange while making use of the blockchain technology to provide innovative features. Founded in 2013, the team continues to deliver and create opportunities for those who want to get into the Bitcoin trading scene and learn more about bitcoins.


To ensure that the users are safe from fraudsters and hackers, the site makes use of a 128-bit encryption. This secures the data stored in the network. All bitcoins are stored in an offline account, which adds another layer of protection to the digital coins as well.

To make sure that the transactions are valid, OKCoin waits for at least one confirmation before proceeding with the deposit. The site has real-time account monitoring to display an up-to-date status of all transactions.


OKCoin supports Bitcoin and Litecoin. It keeps a relatively small list of pairs available for both fiat, Bitcoin, and altcoins. However, this is compensated by the fact that the trading fees are lower than most platforms. The rates begin at 0.20 percent per trade while maker fees can go as low as 0.10 percent.

In addition, the website also presents a futures trading function. This can offer a great way to handle the quick ups and downs of Bitcoin. Make sure to check and try out this feature and you might get some fun and earnings out of it.


When it comes to payments, OKCoin also struggles to keep up with the growing payment options today. The platform caters to a smaller list of banking options. International customers can fund their accounts through wire transfers. Meanwhile, users can also employ third party services.

Other features

One of the greatest features of the Bitcoin exchange platform is its mobile compatibility. Anyone can trade on the go. As long as you have a smartphone or tablet compatible with the website, you can start trading anywhere. The interface is easy and simple just like the desktop version.

When it comes to customer support, OKCoin promises 24/7 help. The customer representatives promise to answer your questions or queries right away. In addition, a help section brings FAQ pages that have quick answers for those in need.

OKCoin is a reliable exchange platform for those looking to trade bitcoins. Enjoy trouble-free trading from start to end.

Mbit Tournament Prizes and VP Rewards