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Coinpayments is one of the many crypto exchanges designed for trading online coins. You can expect more from this platform as it gives you more coin trading options, which is very timely since there is a growing number of this kind of currency across the world.


You may be familiar with Bitcoin, since it is the first known cryptocurrency in the world. This specific coin did not grow without the help of exchange platform, which helped in its production and marketing. Nowadays, you can see the formation of other decentralized currencies. You may have seen exchanges out there too, but most if not all only cater to a few kinds of coins.

An Overview of Coinpayments

One of the many trading companies for this particular coin industry is Coinpayments. One characteristic that makes it a stand out among all other exchanges is that it serves over 100 types of crypto coins, including coins that are new in the market. What it does is it allows the trading of these coins to businesses. It also lets businesses use their preferred currencies.

Creating a Coinpayments account is easy

You need an account in order to trade in Coinpayments. You can start coin trading once you have your account ready. You can be sure that this website it easy to navigate, as it features a simple layout. This website contains all the info you need, so expect a website that is navigable and informative. You might find that depositing in this exchange is free of charge and withdrawing only requires coin tax fee.

What to expect in Coinpayments

Normally, you need to find a processor that will accept your coin. If you use Bitcoin, it will be easy to find one since most if not all exchanges process this coin. With some other coins however, you will have to dig deeper to be able to find one. Coinpayments aims to eliminate this kind of system by accepting all kinds of online currency. You can be sure that your chosen crypto coin will continue to grow by trading it in this platform. You can use your coin to trade in any of the 16,500 partner merchants of this platform.

This exchange gives you the protection you deserve as it gives you your multisig wallet where you can store your crypto coins. In addition to that is the two-step authentication to make sure that your account is safe and protected. Convenience is what Coinpayments can offer you, in addition to safe and secure transactions. The next time you decide to trade your coins, be sure to check this exchange and see what it can offer you.