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Coinify is a payment processor that accepts crypto coins as modes of payment for its partner-merchants. You can be sure of safe and secure transactions with all the features it offers to people. Know more about it and see what makes it a cut above the rest of crypto exchanges.


What makes Coinify customers happy

Coinify started in 2014 and is based in Denmark. Even though this provider has not been in the service for a long time, you can see that it continues to receive favorable reviews because of the services that it gives to people. To begin with, this platform accepts 16 digital coins including Bitcoin and Litecoin, catering to larger market.

Once you sign up for an account, you can choose any wallet that you want to use to store your coins. After choosing the right wallet for you, you can start trading here. As a buyer, you can expect a number of businesses that have tied up with this platform. You can even expect this number to grow as this platform continues to expand its market.

Merchants will have a great time with Coinify, as it gives you opportunities to grow your business by providing you with an efficient system of processing online payments. What makes this an even more amazing partner is that there are no fees for transactions and for signing up. Instead, you can see your margin up by 3%. You can definitely see why companies using this provider are happy with the services it offers.

Coinify promises easy transactions with fast payments

The trading system in Coinify is easy, as it follows simple steps. If you are a merchant, people from anywhere across the globe can avail of your services and you can receive payments that are already converted to your local currency. You can also expect that the payment will be in your bank account in two days. You can also be sure that transactions are final and do not include chargebacks.

If you are a buyer, you can expect to trade with just a click from your mobile phone, as this exchange is mobile friendly. This gives you total convenience, as you can access it anytime of the day, anywhere you are in the world.

All these features make Coinify one of the leading exchanges in the world today. You are sure that they value their customers well and your transactions are safe. Check their website out and see what is in store for you in this exchange platform.