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Unleashing Innovation in Fintech 2019

Date: October 17-18, 2019 | Organizer: Global Executive Events

City: Amsterdam | Country: Netherlands | Location: Rode Hoed

Unleashing Innovation in Fintech 2019 puts the spotlight on the latest and future developments in lieu of the primary trends and challenges in fintech vis-a-vis blockchain technology.

Presented by Global Executive Events, the two-day conference welcomes blockchain sector leaders and cross-industry fintech innovators on 17-18 October at Rode Hoed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Over 100 Senior-level attendees will be present at the event, while more than 20 cross industry leading speakers will take the stage for keynotes and panel discussions.

Menno Wielhouwer, Innovation Specialist at ING; Ioannis Roussos, Head of Deposits and Investment at Eurobank; and Ioana Surpateanu, Co-Head of European Government Affairs – Innovation Strategy Lead at Citi, are some of the key speakers to grace the conference.

Over the course of two-days, Unleashing Innovation in Fintech will cover these points of discussion:

  • Fintech Manoeuvres: Being Nimble, Agile and Always Ready to Deliver
  • Understanding Fintech: The Effective Use of Data and the Creation of Seamless Customer
  • Disruptive Fintech: Exploring the Ethics, Benefits and Pitfalls
  • Underwriting: Redefined through Fintech and Insurtech
  • Fintech Behavioural Economics: Changing Customers’ Behaviour and Engagement
  • Crypto, Fintech and Blockchain: Effects on the Lending Community
  • Fintech Integration: From Disruption to Collaboration
  • Fintech in Action: Optimising Pre-Existing Data and Maintaining Productivity & Profitability
  • Harnessing the Benefits of Blockchain: A Process Optimisation Tool
  • Fintech Revolutionised: Deploying “Enterprise Grade” Solutions to Production & Enabling Interoperability at Different Levels
  • Open Source or Patent: Intellectual Property Issues in Fintech
  • Illiquid Asset Investment: Improving Access and Risk Management
  • Innovative Partnerships: Combining Digitalisation, Working Capital and Governance
  • Fintech & Emerging Technology: Applying AI & Machine Learning to Increase Financial Efficiency

Registration for Unleashing Innovation in Fintech 2019 is now open. Conference passes and packages are available for delegates and sponsors.


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