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Start Date12/06/2014
WebsiteMaidSafe Coin
Last BlockExplorer Update TS2019-01-18 06:01:25
Difficulty Adjustment1 block
Block Reward Reduction-
Total Coins Mined452552412

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About MaidSafeCoin

Crypto coins are created for different reasons. It can be for faster transactions, security, and more.  But the creators of MaidSafeCoin created this altcoin for Secure Access For Everyone (SAFE) network. If you wish to be a part of the world’s first autonomous data network, you should buy MaidSafeCoin.

To use this altcoin, you can go to a MaidSafeCoin exchange. Unfortunately, even if this altcoin is gaining popularity and the MaidSafeCoin price is increasing, not all Bitcoin exchanges offer it.  If more clients start to appreciate MaidSafeCoin, more crypto exchanges will accept it as well.

History of MaidSafeCoin

The creators of MaidSafeCoin noticed the negative changes in the internet thus the team wanted to create a decentralized internet. To achieve this, the team created the SAFE network. Now, you can freely use the internet without worries. No more technical problems and other network failures because with this network, you are in control. There will be no intervention from the government or any third parties. Hackers and other suspicious servers cannot steal your data anymore. Also, expect that there will be a private and safe communication among users.

To maintain the stability of the network, the SAFE network has farmers and builders. The famers are the types of users that runs the node for the system while the builders are the developers that build apps for the network.

Once their job is done, the system will reward them with MaidSafeCoins. Not only that, the system has a smart contract that makes sure that farmers and builders do not invest much but instead earn more. If this is your first time to know more about this altcoin, what the farmers and builders do is just the same as what miners do in Bitcoin mining.

How MaidSafeCoin works

The only way that this altcoin will produce coins is when it is live. If this happens, the network will release a proof of resource model in which the farmers will fix while the builders will start creating applications needed by the system.  This is what the system does to keep going and to make sure that it is decentralized.

Also, with MaidSafeCoin mining, the SAFE network will have more stable storage and higher computing power. If you wish to become of these users, make sure that you have the suitable CPU and enough storage space. If you think you do not have the required resources,  you can also join mining pools or try cloud mining.