Coin Information

Proof Type PoW
Start Date 22/05/2016
Website Anoncoin
Last BlockExplorer Update TS 2015-09-29 03:09:25
Block Number 422465
Block Time 10
Previous Total Coins Mined 1860616.862
Total Coins Mined 1860619.362
Block Reward 2.5

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About Anoncoin

Anoncoin (ANC) is the only crypto-currency that supports the I2P darknet. I2P stands for Invisible Internet Project, a computer network layer that enables applications to perform tasks pseudonymously and securely. There will be 4.2 million ANC coins in existence; the first 42,000 blocks are worth 4.2 ANC, the blocks up to 77,777 are worth 7 ANC; and the blocks from 77,778 are worth 5 ANC.

The Difference between Anoncoin and Bitcoin

Anoncoin offers one key difference from Bitcoin. The former’s network aims to process a block every 3.42 minutes, rather than Bitcoin’s 10 minutes, which allows for faster transaction confirmation. The Anoncoin difficulty adjusts according to hashing power available, as the aim is for a block to be mined every 30 seconds.

Additionally, Anoncoin (ANC) uses scrypt in its proof of work algorithm and its network will produce 4.2 million ANC, which is much lesser than Bitcoin.

Free Coins

If you’re looking for free coins, the Anoncoin faucet keeps dripping free coins round-the-clock. Faucets are a great start towards getting your first free coins if you’re not a miner. These are also good for those with empty wallets whom want to see some coins in there, or those with a smaller amount of coins.


Another way to acquire Anoncoins is through Anoncoin mining. To get started, you have to download a wallet and set it up. Getting your own Anoncoin wallet is simple; simply choose the correct software that’s compatible to your operating system and have it installed in your computer. When you have your wallet installed and configured, you can now start mining Anoncoins.

You have the option to perform solo mining or participate in the mining pool. Since there’s a strong competition in the mining arena, pooled mining is highly recommended. The reason behind this is that mining pool allows people to receive smaller yet steadier payouts than solo mining. If you’re mining ANC independently, it may take a very long time for you to earn 5 ANC. Just select a trustworthy Anoncoin mining pool and you’re off to a good start.

Mining Profitability

Calculating your odds of profitability is a must especially if you’re into mining. Don’t worry, you won’t have to actually solve anything by yourself, the Anoncoin calculator will do it for you. Simply provide the figures for the hash rate, difficulty, exchange rate and pool fees and wait for the results. This helps you determine if your mining efforts are/will be profitable.

Trading Markets

Anoncoin (ANC) is traded over Cryptsy and Coins-E exchanges, where you can find the crypto-currency’s trading volume, exchange stability and current price/value entrenched in one comprehensive chart.