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BC.Game Casino Review

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BC.Game is a fantastic casino. Truly! It is, arguably, one of the best crypto casinos we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing.

The world of online casinos can sometimes feel repetitive. Once you’ve seen one online casino, you’ve basically seen all of them and the same can be said for crypto casinos too.

Things usually boil down to the same thing except some gambling sites offer better deals than others. But when we first laid eyes on BC.Game Casino, we were gobsmacked.

Launched in 2017, BC.Game completely changed the way we perceive online casinos. Unlike other online casinos, this crypto gambling site is all about its community. One of the very first things we noticed was a large chat window on the side where all the active players were chatting and bragging about their scores. It’s things like these that really made us believe that BC.Game was setting new standards for what it means to be one of the best crypto casinos to date.

Of all the things we liked about BC.Game, these stood out:

  • The BC Original games
  • How each player progresses and unlocks features through the VIP
  • How friendly and helpful the community is
  • How different the bonuses are compared to other online casinos

BC.Game Casino Games

Unlike every other online casino we’ve ever seen, BC Game does not push online slots to the front. Instead, the most popular games are their own original titles, simply known as BC Originals. As much as we’d like to say that these are completely original titles, there are basically table games optimized for cryptocurrency.

These games are super easy to play and are best played when left in auto-mode. The Dice Game was, easily, our favorite of the bunch. In this game, you choose the numbers you wish to bet on from 0 to 100 (including decimals) and your bet winnings and odds change depending on how many numbers you bet on.

Of course, for those who prefer a more traditional online casino experience, BC.Game also features a library of over 6,000 slot titles and 500 live casino games.

Even though their BC Originals are a lot of fun, a lot of other games don’t get the love they deserve. Classic table games and jackpot games, for example, don’t even have their own categories. Players have to manually search for them using the search bar and software provider filters. But overall, we were spoiled for choice and delighted because of that!

BC.Game Casino Bonuses

BC.Game includes a welcome bonus for new players but the really fun bonuses come into play when the players experience the BC.Game VIP program. The VIP doesn’t just unlock rewards or increase the cashback amount. Oh no, there are additional features to unlock inside the casino itself.

Players can unlock things like loot drops, Rakeback bonuses, chests they can collect while browsing the website, and so much more. Most importantly, BC.Game shows that most online casinos still haven’t hit their peak when it comes to creativity.

We already mentioned how surprised we were to see such a healthy and generous community at BC.Game. The casino seems to focus on keeping the community happy, and it really shows. Members at BC.Game were very helpful to us and friendly towards one another.

Most of the community members seem to prefer playing BC Originals since they like to share hash codes of their rolls for bragging rights. They also send tips to other players to help them out.

There are even achievements and daily events to communicate with the community as well as to claim giveaways through the community giveaways.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, we did run into some glaring issues while reviewing BC.Game Casino. While the community is very vocal, the customer support isn’t. The casino does offer live chat support but it’s only available to registered customers who have, in the past, made at least one deposit.

When you compare this to other online casinos that offer 24/7 live chat support to all players (even unregistered ones), BC.Game leaves a lot to be desired in this department. Fortunately, the community does that work for them – and it does so beautifully.

Summary: BC.Game Casino Review

Despite the minor complaints we had, BC.Game is a fantastic casino. Truly! It is, arguably, one of the best crypto casinos we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing, and that’s not something we say without a second thought.

The amount of fun and the uniqueness we’ve seen from BC.Game is simply a breath of fresh air when compared to other crypto gambling sites. If you are at all curious about how fun and innovative an online casino can get, check out BC.Game Casino!

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