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Get Cryptocurrency by Playing at

Warning: Undefined array key "casino" in /home/bestqgia/ on line 55 is the world's first professional licensed DeFi bookmaker and online casino powered by the revolutionary blockchain technologies.

888starz meets all the international standards and the highest requirements for the online gambling industry.

Here you can find it all:

  • traditional bonuses
  • all sorts of tournaments
  • stocks
  • large cashbacks
  • slots from the best licensed providers

You can deposit and withdraw money in all major fiat currencies using: VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Jeton, Webmoney and other payment systems. You also have access to instant unlimited deposits onto your account using 30 different cryptocurrencies, like: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Dogecoin, Tether, Dai, Dash, Monero, Zcash and many other coins.

888STARZ Advantages

At 888starz you can simultaneously play at the casino and make traditional bets, all at the same time! In addition, you can earn large passive income for:

#1 Mining of tokens

You can earn tokens for all the bets you make. To receive 1 token, you need to place the bets for at least $ 94 USD. Each bet brings you a portion of the token, regardless of whether your bet won or lost.

888Starz Passive Income

#2 Staking

You can get a large reward for storing the tokens, the size of the reward depends on the number of tokens in your account. Currently, the annual interest rate on staking ranges from 12 to 30% APY in USDT.

#3 Farming 

You can receive 888Tron tokens for adding the 888/TPX trading pair to the liquidity pool. For providing liquidity, the platform awards you with the rewards in the form of tokens every day. The reward for profitable farming is 200% APY.

If you use all the available tools for passive earnings on 888starz, you can surely get a large income – up to 235% per annum!

Revolution in the Online Betting Industry

The 888starz team was able to apply blockchain technologies in practice and integrate it into the brain of the platform. By placing bets on, each player receives passive income in the form of 888tron tokens. These are the crypto shares of the platform that bring daily profits to its shareholders. Players receive shares of the platform’s net earnings, and payments are made in USDT cryptocurrency.

888Starz APY

This means that every player who makes bets on sports automatically becomes a shareholder of the company and participates in the daily distribution of the platform’s profits, earning big money. Any bet placed on the site becomes a profitable investment that brings in about 20-30 percent APY in USDT!

Over a few years 888starz paid out more than $ 35 million US dollars in tokens to its shareholders! And this is just the beginning…

This article is provided by 888Starz


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