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What other ways can you do to get Ripple?

Ripple is already different from Bitcoin because instead of removing the government intervention in your finances, this altcoin is used by banks. To make Ripple stand out even more, you cannot mine it. If Bitcoin needs Bitcoin mining to generate coins, Ripple does not because it is already generated. This explains why there is no such thing is Ripple mining.

Upon its release, there are 100 billion BTC available for everyone. Now, you might be wondering: How will you get Ripple if you cannot mine it? Well, there are still options for you to get this altcoin.

2 Simple ways you can get Ripple

Convert coins to Ripple

Go to CoinSwitch, Changelly, and Poloniex to convert your cryptocoins to Ripple. These crypto exchanges have a tool that allows you to convert any cryptocurrency to altcoin. You are no longer required to buy new coins because you can use the cryptocurrency that you have. Also, converting coins will not take too much time. All you have to do is enter your cryptocurrency and amount. Then, wait for the exchange to convert it to Ripple.

Get from Ripple faucets

Ripple faucets are where you go to when you wish to win free Ripple by playing games. Instead of solving blocks, you play games to earn Ripple. Other than winning free coins, you will be entertained with the games.

Faucets usually last for more than an hour, that is why you should not waste your chance. Also, there can be times when the faucets would randomly giveaway Ripple. Make sure that you never miss any opportunity to get free coins from Ripple faucet.

Where can you get Ripple for free?

It might be impossible to mine Ripple, but with faucets and exchanges, you can still enjoy the benefits that this altcoin has. Just make sure that the faucet you choose is credible to avoid theft and other problems.

  • This faucet has scratch games and paper wallets. It does not require you to register and you can expect that all wins are sent instantly to you. Also, the prizes for scratch games are paid every Sunday.
  • in. It includes profitable Bitcoin faucets. Also, you can play every hour and still win grand prizes. If you wish to join this faucet, you just have to register by providing your wallet and email address. You can also refer and get 50% free play.
  • Tk. The faucet is open to popular and rare cryptocurrencies. It currently has 61 faucets for all registered players. Also, the wins can be received within less than 24 hours.
  • This is a multi-faucet that immediately sends your free coins directly to the wallet. Unfortunately, the site has too much ads that will require you to watch for a minute. But, the wallet rewards you automatically after you win.
  • This faucet is like FreeBitcoin and FreeDogecoin. You can win free Ripple depending on the current Bitcoin price. There is also a chance for you to multiply your win but it will be risky.