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Primecoin Difficulty Chart

Primecoin Mining

Reasons to Try Primecoin Mining

Unlike most crypto coins, Primecoin (XPM) uses a unique proof-of-work based on prime numbers. This makes mining easier because instead of waiting for long hours for confirmations, Primecoin’s verifications just take only six minutes, which could mean more blocks to solve. And if you can solve more blocks, then you will earn bigger rewards.

More so, the mining difficulty adjusts for you to earn more. This makes mining for this altcoin more profitable compared with other cryptocurrencies. Read through this article to know more reasons why you should switch to Primecoin mining.

Advantages You Can Get from Mining Primecoin

Primecoin is popular because of its unique proof-of-work. You no longer have to worry about buying expensive hardware, like ASIC, since you can just use your CPU to mine XPM. This proves that mining for Primecoin is cheaper than mining for Bitcoin.

The altcoin also allows you to set up a mining farm without necessarily having too many servers running. This is the best advantage you have when you are mining XPM. Another good reason to mine Primecoin is that its algorithm has a scientific value that can be used in research in line with the fields of encryption and cryptography.

Why Join Primecoin Mining Pools                                                        

To earn more XPM, you can try hardware mining, join a mining pool, or invest in cloud mining. Out of all the three choices, joining mining pools is the choice of most miners. This is because this type of mining allows them to work with other miners for faster block solving, and thus more coins.

  • Solving a block with ease

Solving a block may take time because of the mining difficulty but if you are in a mining pool with more miners, mining is faster and easier. There will be more miners who will work together and this could lessen the time needed to solve one block.

  • Guaranteed income each time you solve a block

Mining pools provide you with more coins because every time you solve a block, the blockchain will pay you for your hard work. Then, your group will split the reward and your prize will depend on your contribution to the team. It might be small compared to what you can get from being a solo miner, but at least you can expect a guaranteed reward.

Things You Should Know About Primecoin Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is the type of crypto mining in which you are not required to use hardware. You join a software company and pay them for letting you join their mining rigs for you to earn. This makes mining easier and cost-free. Before you can start cloud mining, find out the advantages and disadvantages of this type of mining.

Advantages of Primecoin cloud mining

  • Cloud mining helps you save more money because it does not require you to buy hardware and will not cost you much electricity. Another perk is that you do not have to worry about the noise or maintenance of the hardware.
  • Cloud mining has a constant hash rate which means that the level of difficulty is stable as well.
  • There is no need to worry about setting the mining pool because it is already done by the company.

Disadvantages of Primecoin cloud mining

  • There are cloud mining companies that will steal your money.
  • Cloud mining does not expand your knowledge about mining and cryptocurrencies because it is the company, not you, that sets up the mining for your benefit.
  • The contracts with the software company usually last only for two years. This limits your time to earn from cloud mining.

Mining is not as easy as it sounds because you have to think thoroughly of what type of mining to undertake, what hardware to use, or what mining pool to join. There are consequences for each type of mining, which is why it takes a lot of research before you start.

Primecoin mining gives you an opportunity to earn more because of its difficulty adjustment and fast confirmations. Now that you know the benefits of mining XPM, start earning funds by solving XPM blocks.