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Current Price (BTC) ฿0.01
Current Price (USD) $54.62
24h Volume (USD) $16,318,140.68
Market Capital (USD) $907,701,537.00
Available Supply 16,618,678.00
Total Supply 16,618,678.00
% Change in 1 hour 0.53
% Change in 24 hours -5.05
% Change in 7 days 2.11
Last Updated 2018-04-12 04:12:04

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Monero Price

Just like a normal currency, the values of cryptocurrencies also increase and decrease. With this, Monero users go to a crypto exchange just to check the Monero price. Every day there is a possibility for the Monero price to change. There can be weeks in which the price will continuously increase while there are also times when the price will just go down. Either way, the price of Monero will also depend on its development and usage of clients.

What is Monero?

Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency that makes sure you are in control of your coins. You do not have to depend on your bank or any third party just to make sure that your coins are safe. Monero was created to be secured, private, and untraceable. You do not have to worry that someone will see your transactions because only you have the power to do that. If you wish to earn rewards and help the Monero blockchain, you can also try crypto mining.

How can you determine the Monero price?

If you are interested to try Monero, you can go to a Bitcoin exchange that offers Monero or you can directly go to a Monero exchange. These exchanges showcase the price change of Monero every day. You will not only see Monero, but the other crypto currencies as well. Be sure to check the Monero price first before buying and selling Monero. The exchanges also allow you to trade Monero if you wish to double your funds. Be sure to choose the exchange that is reliable as well.

What are the factors that affect the Monero price?

In order to be a successful cryptocurrency, a specific altcoin must have an active consumer base and trading market. There must be a huge number of users who prefer this altcoin. If there are a lot of Monero clients, there will be more people who will trade and mine for this cryptocurrency, thus the increase of its price.

Other than that, trading platforms also help in increasing the price of Monero. If a leading exchange will accept this cryptocurrency, it will give more opportunities for investors, users, and traders. For example, after Bithumb accepted Monero, the Monero price increased by 15%. This means that there are more clients who were exposed to this currency and therefore, more clients will try it. With Monero’s features, it is impossible for investors not to be curious about it.