Monero Mining Details

Coin NameMonero
Coin TagXMR
Block Count1682906
Block Reward4.869305014542
Block Explorer Status1
Exchange Online1
Block Time In Seconds120
Health Status

Monero Difficulty Chart

Monero Mining

Monero gives importance on privacy and this is why many see it as the perfect cryptocurrency when it comes to anonymity. With this feature, this altcoin enjoys a strong user demand that results in more firms engaging in mining. Monero mining is the only way you can produce more of this cryptocurrency. And what is great about this is you can also be part of this process as a miner.

How Monero mining works

Mining is important because it keeps the cryptocurrencies safe and stable. Not only that, Monero mining also ensures fairness in the blockchain. As a miner, you need to choose whether you will be a solo miner or if you are going to join mining pools. Most users prefer joining mining pools because they do not have to wait for a long time just to receive a reward. The downside in joining pools is you have to share the reward with other miners.

Once you have decided, you can now start mining. All you have to do is verify a transaction, create a hash, and solve the proof of work. Monero mining takes time because you have to solve a series of codes, but it is worth it. You do not just earn coins, but you also help maintain the system.

Important notes in Monero mining

Compared with Bitcoin mining, Litecoin mining, and Ethereum mining, mining Monero works even with your CPU. If you have a GPU, however, then it is better because you can receive a higher reward.

Before you can start mining, you have to calculate your profitability first. You have to check if what you will receive is more than what you are investing. Monero mining is not easy; your computer will always be turned on and this results in higher electricity bills. You also have to make sure that your CPU or GPU is in good shape.

Moreover, there are users who join cloud mining, a process where users join a company that offers the sufficient hardware for you to mine. If you are interested to try cloud mining, be sure that the company that you choose is reliable.

Unfortunately, there are companies who tell users that they are reliable when they prove to be otherwise. To avoid these problems, make sure to research about the mining firms first. Lastly, do not be sad that the reward that you receive is low because the rewards vary depending on the status of Monero on the market.