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MaidSafeCoin Difficulty Chart

MaidSafeCoin Mining

To keep the blockchain stable, Bitcoin has Bitcoin mining and Ethereum has Ethereum mining. The same way, MaidSafeCoin also needs to make sure that the SAFE network is still in its best condition. With the help of MaidSafeCoin mining or what MaidSafeCoin users call as farming.

What is MaidSafeCoin mining

Unlike the usual crypto mining, MaidSafeCoin mining has twall about?o types of users: the farmers and the builders. Both of these are needed to secure the network and make sure that all transactions are verified.

The farmers are the ones who run nodes for the SAFE network. Farmers are important because they are the ones in charge of giving resources to the network and is essential in producing more coins. The farmers need to fix the proof of resource model released by the network. After that, the farmer will place the data on the farmer’s vault. Then, for each data that the network gets from the vault, the more rewards a certain farmer receives.

On the other hand, the builders are in charge of developing the application that the system needs. The network will accept this application and use it to store data, then the builder will receive the reward. You might think that these two are doing a simple job, but being a farmer and a builder is difficult.

How to join MaidSafeCoin mining?

There are a lot of users who chose to become a builder and a farmer because of the reward that MaidSafeCoin mining can give them. But to become one of these relevant people, you need to have a large storage space. The proof or resource could be tricky to solve that you will need a lot of space. Also, your CPU should be in the best condition because it will be used 24/7 as long as you are farming or building.

Another important factor is the bandwidth because you need to fix the proof of resource quickly to give the clients a faster confirmation for their transactions. Lastly is your time because you will be sacrificing a lot of your time for this role. You need to be prepared also for your electricity bill to increase. But all of these will be worth it once you receive your reward.

Important notes to remember

MaidSafeCoin mining is not an easy task, it requires a lot of materials and time. You must make sure that what you are investing will come back to you. Also, if you are planning to join a mining pool, make sure to research the company thoroughly.