Coin Information

Proof TypePoW
Start Date24/05/2013
Last BlockExplorer Update TS2015-11-24 11:11:53
Difficulty Adjustment20 blocks
Block Reward Reduction50%
Block Number820916
Block Time394
Previous Total Coins Mined19326318.8
Total Coins Mined19326319.1438
Block Reward0.34375

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About Luckycoin

Luckycoin (LKY) is a highly attractive and rewarding cryptographic currency. With its tempting offers that promise to reward huge sums of coins, there’s no doubt that more and more users are inclined to using and mining Luckycoin. Relatively new in the market, this alternative currency is among the 54 altcoins that were created since April of 2013. Luckycoin (LKY) is based on Bitcoin and was launched in May of the same year.

You can get your Luckycoin Wallet by simply downloading the wallet optimized to work on any Windows computer. Install this on your device and you can instantly store your first few LKY coins you acquired whether from mining or collecting free coins from any Luckycoin Faucet. Make sure to start on a positive note, especially that this cryptocurrency is loaded with exciting bonus blocks that rewards tons of coins!

Luckycoin Mining

Luckycoin (LKY) uses the Scrypt proof-of-work algorithm when mining coins. And with a total of 200 million coins to be produced in several years to come, you will have so much time generating blocks and solving algorithms to score tempting block rewards. Currently rewarding 88 coins for every block, Luckycoin (LKY) provides new blocks every minute. Be advised, though, that the block reward is halved every two years. Moreover, the Luckycoin Difficulty changes every 20 blocks.

By understanding these details, you will have an easier time mining solo or in pools. Keep in mind, however, that there are fees involved when you join any Luckycoin Mining pool. Since there are many pools available online for this cryptocoin, then you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one that suits you the best. You can use a Luckycoin Calculator to gauge the estimated expected earnings you can collect in a day, a week, a month, and a year.

But what’s great about Luckycoin mining are the random blocks that are packed with loads of coin! Furthermore, expect the Luckycoin Difficulty to be adjusted much faster in the beginning to make mining for coins fair for all people involved.

Mine 188 coins per block or generate 588 coins for one lucky random block. But if you’re after 5,888 coins per block, there’s a 0.01 percent of mining one of the 5 super lucky blocks. These offers stand for the first 50,000 blocks generated though. Beyond this number of blocks, your block reward can be multiplied twice, five times or even 58 times!

Luckycoin Exchange

Luckycoin (LKY) can be traded in exchanges like Cryptsy, Coins-E, and CoinEX. However, the Luckycoin Price/Value fluctuates more frequently, making its exchange rate highly unstable. In effect, you will be subject to huge drops or increases from time to time. This explains the need for you to know when the best time to buy or sell LKY is. And if you refer to the Luckycoin Exchange rate charts, you will surely notice its erratic performance when traded against Bitcoin.

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