Coin Information

Algorithm Scrypt
Proof Type PoW
Start Date 13/07/2013
Website GrandCoin
Last BlockExplorer Update TS 2018-12-16 02:12:36
Difficulty Adjustment 30 blocks
Block Reward Reduction 50%
Total Coins Mined 884125802

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About Grandcoin

GrandCoin (GDC) is a Litecoin-based cryptocurrency that was launched in 2013. Pegged as the coin that pays a grand per block, GrandCoin uses Scrypt algorithm to protect the network from hardware brute-force attacks.

GrandCoin Mining

GrandCoin mining promises very attractive block rewards as miners are paid 1,000 coins for every block. 80 blocks will be available every hour, which means that there will be a total of 1,920 blocks per day. With a maximum of 700,800 blocks to be generated in one year or exactly 365 days, you can expect to mine a total of 1,420,609,614 coins.

With these much blocks available in a year, targeting to mine at least 1,000 blocks can easily give you one million coins. It’s for this reason that early miners will greatly benefit from mining solo. However, joining a GrandCoin Mining pool is also a good option. In fact, you can find several pools that allow GrandCoin mining and even receive payment every time a member of the pool finds a block.

At a few thousands shy from the 250,000-block marker, GrandCoin (GDC) poses a GrandCoin Difficulty of 2.0933. While this shows a steady increase on the Difficulty Chart, this cryptocurrency banners a high Difficulty Fluctuation, so this should already present your chances of earning coins while mining.

Through the GrandCoin Calculator, you can compute for the estimated expected earnings hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and even annually. By simply providing key details like GrandCoin Difficulty, Exchange Rate, Block Reward, and Pool Fees among others, you will already have a fair idea of how much you can make from mining GDC in a certain time frame.

Besides earning GDC from mining, you can also receive as much as 100,000 coins through the daily and weekly lotto prizes. Be the lucky miner every day to find a random superblock, which generates 5,000 to 10,000 coins. Meanwhile, you can also chance upon a super+ block of 50,000 to 100,000 coins every week.

GrandCoin Exchange

GrandCoin (GDC) is currently traded against Bitcoin only over at Coins-E and Cryptsy Exchanges. Given certain circumstances like maturity in the market, the GrandCoin Price/Value is weak when pitted against a more established cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. In fact, with barely 250,000 blocks, its price/value is playing on the 0.0000025 price point.

If the GrandCoin Exchange charts are to be analyzed, there’s a clear sign that its value is erratically increasing, despite the evidence of a high instability of price. Nonetheless, you can trade GDC with BTC; expect to pay more GDC when buying BTC and earn fewer BTC when selling GDC.

Before mining or trading, it’s integral to get your GrandCoin Wallet by simply downloading it from the GrandCoin (GDC) website. Moreover, you can instantly load your wallet with coins by taking advantage of the available GrandCoin Faucet online. Keep in mind, though, that there is a cooldown period to moderate its use.