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Market Price Open 24h Range 24H Last Trade Volume 24H


$ 15.97013434 $ 15.97013434

Low : $ 15.97013434

High : $ 15.97013434

$ 30.04888031

$ 0

$ 0


$ 12.699 $ 13.023

Low : $ 12.163

High : $ 13.316

$ 126.27

$ 665795.7070844402

$ 8478097.021967014


$ 12.495 $ 12.5

Low : $ 12

High : $ 12.7819723

$ 0.03303388

$ 0.57941011

$ 7.2693677436535795


$ 12.79 $ 13.031

Low : $ 12.34371764

High : $ 13.41

$ 0.6251628

$ 4984.9217882

$ 64301.42042494998


$ 12.716 $ 13.042

Low : $ 12.2

High : $ 13.323

$ 10.421

$ 100866.53256603

$ 1280881.460517591


$ 12.57 $ 12.96

Low : $ 12.3

High : $ 13.11

$ 0.1

$ 83.4234

$ 1075.682284


$ 12.6 $ 13.0189

Low : $ 12.23

High : $ 13.3

$ 0.00428224

$ 43602.04069231

$ 551866.68121069


$ 13.13748234 $ 13.27000002

Low : $ 12.770002

High : $ 13.53999997

$ 0.01

$ 511.59540157999993

$ 6724.512076096314

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Ethereum Classic Exchange

Ethereum Classic Now Accepted in More Crypto Exchanges

Ethereum’s hard fork, Ethereum Classic (ETC), was not easily accepted by many after its release. Some merchants and users still preferred Ethereum because ETC did not look promising at first. But when Poloniex, the largest Ethereum exchange, supported and allowed users to trade using ETC, more exchanges started to see the potential of Ethereum Classic.

Needless to say, the role played by crypto exchanges in the community of virtual currency users is vital. Exchanges help crypto coins gain exposure across their target market. If more Bitcoin exchanges support ETC, more users will be familiar with this altcoin. But with the increasing number of Ethereum Classic exchanges available, it may take a while before you can find the right one for you. In this review, find out the different exchanges you can go to and the risks of buying ETC.

Top 4 Ethereum Classic Exchanges

There are various exchanges that support ETC. But the following four are the toppers based on the number of users they have. Since these four exchanges are supported by merchants around the world, expect that you can rely on these if you are planning to buy ETC.


The exchange is based in China and is known for its no-fee trading policy. The exchange takes pride in its high financial security level and quick flow of funds. Now that it has become one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges by volume, CHBTC can give ETC a bigger opportunity to gain more investors.


Currently the largest Bitcoin exchange in Korea, Korbit now supports ETC. This gives ETC a chance to have more users from Korea and other Asian countries.


The exchange is known for its token-to-token spot trading. When you use Okex, you can manage your risk, maximize your return to 20x leverage, and lock your profit. The exchange also offers a vault, wallet, and block explorer. Since the company offers fiat currencies, fiat currency users will get to see the potential of ETC now that this exchange supports the altcoin.


This exchange offers over-the-counter services and digital asset trading. It works with SSL technology and GSLB servers to make sure that the platform is stable. It also promotes its synchronized information to ensure users that all their transactions are fast.

These are just some of the exchanges that support Ethereum Classic. If you are planning to check out other exchanges, make sure that you do thorough research first as it is important that you buy ETC from a reliable source.

3 Risks of Buying ETC

Investment is a big risk even for successful businessmen. No one can predict what exactly will happen next after you invest in cryptocurrencies. This is why it is important that you know the risks before you start acquiring a significant amount of digital assets. Now that ETC is a growing altcoin, these are just some of the risks that you should watch out for:

Price Volatility

Since Ethereum Classic and the rest of the crypto coins are highly volatile, the price can change even in a minute. There is no guarantee that its current price an hour ago will be the same the next day.


Ethereum Classic was created because of the infamous Ethereum hacking incident that happened in 2016. Although Ethereum Classic was made to avoid this incident, it is still better for you to keep your funds safe at all times.

Illegal Exchanges

There are exchanges and even crypto mining pools that just aim to steal your money. Be careful of these or all your funds might be stolen.

There might be risks when you buy ETC or any other cryptocurrency, but it does not mean you should not invest. It just takes a lot of researching and making careful decisions.

On a positive note, Ethereum Classic is one of the altcoins that will bring convenience to you. As the coin aims to be the best-decentralized platform for everyone, you are sure to experience fast and safe transactions with this coin. Choose your Ethereum Classic exchange now and start using ETC.