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Current Price (BTC)฿0.02
Current Price (USD)$84.02
24h Volume (USD)$226,613,760.26
Market Capital (USD)$712,979,817.00
Available Supply8,485,755.00
Total Supply8,485,755.00
% Change in 1 hour 0.04
% Change in 24 hours -7.44
% Change in 7 days -5.04
Last Updated2018-04-12 04:12:04

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Dash Price

Dash is one of the largest peer-to-peer network worldwide. This is also why there are a lot of crypto exchanges that accept Dash, and this leads to the increase of the Dash price. The price changes daily, so make sure to check it every now and then.

Where to Monitor the Dash Price

For you to check the Dash price, you should go to a Bitcoin exchange. This is because a satoshi exchange provides you with the current price of almost all cryptocurrencies. But, make sure that the exchange is reliable, especially when you want to buy, sell, or convert your coins.

Moreover, there are exchanges that allow you to access their site from your phone. Exchanges provide apps that you can easily download. Through the exchange apps, you can now check the Dash price any time you want to.

Factors of Dash Price Movements

Supply & Demand

As the common factor that affects all the prices of most items, even cryptocurrencies are affected with the supply and demand. For example, if there are more Dash users, there will be an increase in demand, because more users are willing to buy Dash. Then, the Dash price will be affected as well; the price can increase and decrease depending on the number of users.

Benefits to Users

Dash will not be able to have an increase in its supply if there are no clients. But, the number of clients will depend on the advantages that Dash has. If you can use it to purchase more goods and withdraw it to any ATM around the world, then more people will use Dash.

 Public Perception

Another element that can affect the price is how it is perceived by society. If the information about Dash is all about scams, the clients will no longer use this altcoin. Its mass perception can also affect the exchanges and wallets that support Dash. But if the image of Dash is good or even better than other altcoins, expect that more users and products will support it.

More Improvements

If Dash continues to develop and give clients more reasons to use this altcoin, then its price can improve as well. Dash should not be complacent with its current standing because there are a lot of new altcoins developed every day. Development should be continuous and be for the better. With upgrades, more users will be attracted to this altcoin and could create awareness to other users as well.