Bitcoin Cash

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Current Price (BTC) ฿0.04
Current Price (USD) $155.55
24h Volume (USD) $65,614,999.79
Market Capital (USD) $2,720,833,749.00
Available Supply 17,491,575.00
Total Supply 17,491,575.00
% Change in 1 hour -0.5
% Change in 24 hours -6.19
% Change in 7 days -14.41
Last Updated 2018-04-12 04:12:12

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Bitcoin Cash Price

Bitcoin Cash: Explore the Surprising Price Movements

Crypto users are in favor of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) because of its faster transactions compared to Bitcoin. Despite being a fork of Bitcoin, BCH competes with Bitcoin’s mining hashrate. There are more users who chose to invest in the digital currency because of its useful features. This pushes the Bitcoin Cash price to increase.

The BCH price was stable during the first few weeks but it went down after a few days. Fortunately, it was able to go back on track and is now moving further upward. This could mean that there are more businesses, wallets, and crypto exchanges that support BCH.

4 Reasons BCH Price Rises

Unlike the price of other cryptocurrencies that go through a roller coaster ride every day, BCH keeps its movement stable. But what are the factors that affect its price to improve?

Acceptance of society

Investors did not accept BCH that easily but after learning its features, it became a trend on the blockchain community. Different users around the globe are all eager to invest and because of this, the price of Bitcoin Cash increased big time. More wallets and Bitcoin exchanges start to accept BCH.

Influence of media

Users have seen that the media is in favor of Bitcoin Cash. This is evident because if you search about this on the Internet, you will only see Bitcoin Cash’s improvements and features. This is the reason those who are new in the industry give good feedback on the altcoin.

Interest of large businesses

There are few local and international companies that are interested and willing to invest in BCH, which means that it is exposed and used around the world. This could mean that the demand for the altcoin will also increase.

Improvements of BCH

Bitcoin Cash keeps on improving by adding features like a debit card. This attracts users like you to buy the virtual currency. You can expect that there will be more unique features to come.

These are the key factors why the price of BCH is stable. Hopefully, more individuals and businesses accept the altcoin. Media should maintain the good reputation of BCH and that the virtual currency should maintain its momentum. If these factors continue, the price will gradually go up.

Price Expectations from Bitcoin Cash

BCH users like you are in good hands because with the previous price trends of Bitcoin Cash, it is possible that BCH will develop. The increasing price that the crypto coin had over the past months shows that even if there is a possibility for BCH to drop, Bitcoin Cash will be able to go back its momentum. If businesses continue to support this altcoin, it can go a long way. Apart from those, famous Bitcoin bull Ronnie Moas predicts that BCH and the rest of the cryptocurrencies will continue to do well.

Bitcoin Cash might be a new cryptocurrency but its progress is enough proof for its good future. That is why BCH just needs to keep its hype so that users, investors, and businessmen will continue using it. And maybe those who are in favor of the Bitcoin split was right, that the classic Bitcoin can still be better and that everyone will witness this in the success of Bitcoin Cash.