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Hermann Koeckemann

Hermann Koeckemann

Market Analyst

Hermann Koeckemann was born in Muensterland area and has graduated logistics. He developed interest toward economics and politics at school, and gained his first experience with investing in stocks. With the money earned during a summer job, Hermann bought his first share and then sold it with a little profit.

That was only the beginning of his journey in the world of the global financial markets which continues today. Hermann’s constant curiosity about how the markets operate have always pushed him forward, enabling him to self-educate, and to acquire his trading and investing skills on his own.

“I had to learn everything from scratch, and do it all by myself”, Hermann remembers with a smile on his face. With more than 16 years of acting as a trader, investor, and market analyst, Hermann gained rich experience, going through crises like the Lehmann Brothers bankruptcy, several flash crashes, as well as the Greek government-debt crisis, affecting heavily the Euro price charts.

You may want to read the interview with Hermann where he shares his point of view regarding many trading and investing related topics.

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