David Cunningham

David started learning and using cryptos not too long after Bitcoin was introduced. He has years of experience in working with cryptocurrency projects, as well as exploring mining, trading, and even ICOs. He manages CoinChoose and writes news about the blockchain and crypto markets.

Here’s How These 5 Big Crypto Mining Firms Reacted to Devastating Bear Market

As the mining profitability goes down in a bearish crypto market, mining companies have begun cutting costs. Here is what five of the biggest firms did.

8 Things You Must Know About the Hack at Cryptopia Exchange

Cryptopia reported a security breach earlier Monday, leading to the exchange’s shutdown. Here are eight important details about the incident.

Keep Your Tether (USDT) Secure This 2019 in These 5 Crypto Wallets

Do not know where to store your beloved Tether (USDT)? Here are five of the best cryptocurrency wallets where you should put your stablecoins.

Blocked! Bitcoin (BTC) Retreats After Failing to Break Past $4.1K Level

Bitcoin (BTC), the largest crypto on the market, saw its value drop by about 7 percent inside 24 hours ending on January 12, the lowest this month.

Adoption Near? Ripple’s Payment Network Attracts More Financial Companies

Ripple revealed that 13 new companies have joined its blockchain-based payment network, RippleNet, increasing the total number of customers to over 200.

Crypto-Friendly Thailand Awards New Licenses to 4 Digital Asset Companies

Pursuant to the Royal Decree on crypto businesses, the Thai Ministry of Finance has awarded licenses to Bitcoin Co, Bitkub Online, Satang Co, and Coins TH.

Did Coinbase Censor Out Crypto Account of Free Speech Social Network CEO?

If reports are to be believed, Coinbase recently banned the crypto account of Gab.com founder and CEO Andrew Torba without providing a valid reason why.

Ethereum Might Apply New ASIC-Resistant Algorithm Before Intended PoS Switch

Ethereum developers have agreed to implement the ASIC-resistant Etheruem ProgPoW algorithm, pending testing, to combat threats posed by ASIC miners.

Fancy Some XMR? Seized Monero Up for Sale in 24-Hour Online Auction

Northern Ireland's Wilson Auctions will host the first-ever sale of seized cryptos by an independent auction house with the auction of 167.7 Monero (XMR).

Will Cryptos be Successful This Year? 3 Realistic Crypto Predictions for 2019

Check out these three predictions on the future of the entire cryptocurrency industry that, if they become real, could spark the golden age of cryptos.